Don’t Let Your Trees Become A Hazard This Summer

We are in full summer mode. Trees are now at their seasonal peak, lush and green. However, summer can bring on bouts of severe weather. When this happens, heavy winds and rain can harm at-risk trees and they can become a threat to people, cars, and surrounding structures. Before you encounter a tree emergency, do a quick inspection of the trees on your property to make sure they don’t become a hazard in the middle of a summer storm. If you see any telltale signs that your tree could pose harm, call a Dublin tree care professional.

Dead Wood

Deadwood is exactly what is says, dead wood. These are parts of the tree that are no longer alive. This is one of the most common causes of tree failure during a storm event. Dead parts of the tree can break off and create a safety hazard for people and surrounding objects. Symptoms to look for on your trees that may indicate deadwood are hollowed out areas, bark that is peeling away, branches that have no leaves or brown leaves, fungus, and decay.

Fractured or Week Structure

Often, fractured or weak branches are the result of improper pruning. Occasionally, they may be due to prior storm damage and have never properly healed. Both can cause trees to create fractures, splits, or hollow anchor points. These limbs can easily become dislodged during a storm event and become projectiles in strong wind.


Biological interlopers can cause a tree fail. Obvious signs of decay such as shelf mushrooms and other fungi can indicate that a tree may become a hazard in storm situations.

Spit or Forked Trunks

Trees with several trunks instead of one main trunk are more susceptible to split or break during a storm.

Leaning Trees

Trees that lean to one side naturally present more of a hazard because of their point of balance. A tree that has grown off center can also indicate a break or weakness of support roots.

If you detect any of these signs, it’s important that you call a professional to help you assess your trees and to recommend a course of action. To ensure your trees don’t become emergency hazards during a summer storm, conduct an inspection and call your local arborist to deal with any trees that may be potential hazards during summer storms. A Dublin arborist is a tree care specialist who can help you determine which trees will need care and attending to, perhaps even removal.

At ArborWorks, we serve Dublin and areas throughout California with over 40 years of experience in the tree care industry. Call us when you need a professional to assess your trees so yours don’t become a hazard this summer.


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