When To Call For Emergency Tree Removal

Structurally damaged or downed trees or limbs can pose a risk. Not only can damaged limbs fall on power lines or your home, but they can cause injuries to people in the area. That is why it is important to call for a professional tree cutting service in Dublin when you detect that one of your trees may pose a hazard. A routine inspection of the trees on your property is essential to insure that a costly and dangerous emergency won’t arise due to a susceptible tree.

A Sick Tree

Trees that have suffered disease or decay can pose a risk of failure. Illness can create weakness and instability. A dead tree is an emergency waiting to happen. Look for dead branches or branches with yellowing or no leaves, brittle or peeling bark, insect infestations, and fungus. A Certified Arborist can help assess the health of a tree.

Weekend Tree Structure Due to Weather

Severe weather can affect a tree and cause it to become weak or damaged. After a storm, inspect the trees on your property for broken branches and limbs, leaning, or trees that are now imperiling your home or power lines. Also, make sure to check for erosion and root exposure that may happen after a significant rain or flood event.

A Dead or Failed Tree

If you have a tree that is dead or at risk of failure due to weather or illness, it is important to reduce your risk of further damage to surrounding property, power lines, or people. If your tree has already fallen, make sure that no one has been injured. Next, make sure that the tree has not come into contact with power or utility lines. Call the utility company immediately if this is the case. After that, take photographs for potential insurance claims.
Fallen or at risk trees can be dangerous to work with. Broken limbs and trunks can be highly unpredictable. Tree cutting professionals in Dublin have been trained to handle all aspects of tree removal and have the appropriate tools and safety equipment to do so. If you find that you have a tree that has failed or poses a risk or danger, call an emergency tree service immediately. Be sure to stay safe at a distance until your emergency crew arrives.
When you are looking for a professional in Dublin for an emergency tree cutting situation, consider the experts at ArborWorks. Our team of professionals have over 40 years of experience in dealing with emergency tree removal. With all the necessary safety equipment necessary for the job, we can help keep your trees from becoming a risk to you and your family.


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