Accident Prevention Methods of Staying Safe While Pruning And Cutting Down Trees

Outside of forests, trees are in need of scheduled maintenance in the form of pruning and trimming. This is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of the tree’s health and your own safety. However, even with the best maintenance, a tree may still find its demise, and when that happens, it will need to be cut down and removed before it can cause damage to person or property.

While it is, of course, best to simply leave jobs, such as pruning and tree removal, to the Arborists in Bay Area, it cannot hurt to inform yourself about the most common sources of injuries. By knowing what could go wrong, you will hopefully make the right call and put your own safety first.

Injuries Caused By Falling Objects

Data released by the Centers for Disease Control have shown that injuries caused by falling objects are the leading cause of accidents in the field of tree work. The falling objects in these cases are primarily limbs and branches which strike the victim as they are working. That is why it is always advised to seek the services of a tree care professional.

Injuries Caused By Falling

Second on the list of most common causes of injuries is falling. Be it falling off a ladder, falling off a roof, or falling off the tree itself. Without the proper gear, you will always be at risk of falling which can lead to injuries with severe long-term impact on your life.

Injuries Caused By Electrocution

While less frequent, electrocution is still a very common source of injury in the field of tree work. With utility lines stretching all across towns and cities, many trees are at risk of coming into contact with them if they are not properly maintained. As a result, homeowners will often try to take care of the problem themselves which can quickly lead to them coming into contact with the wires, either directly or through equipment. Falling limbs and branches also run risk of knowing down wires which could then hit the worker directly or electrocute them as they accidentally step on one.

Injuries Caused By Equipment

Another very common and well-known cause of injury is the improper use of equipment. Accidents happen, and they happen a lot. However, when working with heavy equipment such as hacksaws and chainsaw, one accident is enough to cause severe and lasting damage.Chippers especially are known to have cost people entire limbs, from one finger to a whole chunk of the arm. Sometimes such injury results from a malfunctioning equipment, and sometimes it is the result of an error made by the operator.


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