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Municipalities & Parks

Tree lined streets and parks make any community a nicer place to be. ArborWorks has the expert knowledge and the commitment required to preserve the beauty these trees provide by creating long term care plans that are sensible and practical. One critical element on a municipality or park project is the timeliness of completion…

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

It is no secret that trees create beauty and challenge on a golf course. Trees influence the game of golf in many ways – they frame the course, define the field of play, offer privacy and seclusion from adjoining fairways and greens therefore protecting golfers, homes and cars from errant golf shots. Our expert team at ArborWorks collaborates with golf course superintendents…

Construction Sites

A construction site can present many challenges when it comes to existing trees. To maximize tree preservation, it is best to include ArborWorks’ tree care experts as a part of the development team. ArborWorks provides a full review of civil engineering and architectural plans, coupled with our GPS technology which inventories the trees and their exact location. We simultaneously inspect and survey the health of each tree…

Corporate & Commercial

ArborWorks’ Certified Arborists understand the importance of reducing the stress and time demands of the property manager by establishing Systematic Maintenance Programs (SMP). Throughout California, corporate and commercial property management companies entrust ArborWorks with their greatest landscape investment – their trees. With ArborWorks’ Systematic Maintenance Programs (SMP)…

Residential & Estate

It is difficult to imagine a world without the comfort of a cooling shade tree’s canopy to sit beneath in your backyard.  Yes, trees provide the ideal setting for entire families to enjoy a day outside, whether children or grandchildren, parents or grandparents. Beyond their aesthetic benefits, trees typically add 20 percent or more to the value of your real estate.  Trees are also attributed with reducing the costs of cooling and heating your home…


We hired Arborworks to remove 10 trees at our new house. There was a small overgrown forest going on. I don’t think anyone ever trimmed anything in this yard! Not only did they remove the trees and ground the stumps, they also took out our other items we had cut down ourselves.The biggest tree was almost three stories, you could see it towering over the house from the front and we have a two story house. Could not believe how efficiently they cut down that monster tree. Their guy who was in the tree – WOW he made it look easy but I know that it wasn’t! Knew what limbs to cut and where the limbs were going to fall. Was very impressed! We were there when they took all the trees out and I can tell you they definitely know what they are doing. They asked if we wanted the chips/mulch from the stump grinder otherwise they would have taken it away.I would hire them again in a heart beat and I’ve already recommended them! Great prices and GREAT service.
George R. Palo Alto, CAPalo Alto, CA


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