Arborist Bay Area

Professional Arborist Services in the Bay Area

Why Should You Consider Hiring and Arborist to Care for Your Trees

Arborists are professionals who cultivate, manage, and research shrubs, trees, vines, and other woody perennials. They are less commonly referred to as arboriculturists; professionals that typically focus on keeping plants and trees healthy and safe. They differ from foresters and loggers in that they are not as involved in the harvesting of wood and forest management; as is those individuals in the fields of forestry and silviculture.

The arborist specialists in the Bay Area, at Arbor Works, perform specific tasks that improve and maintain the appearance, health, and safety of the trees on your property. Trees that aren’t pruned and trimmed on a regularly scheduled basis will eventually develop unsightly, weakened branches and limbs. Most importantly, our Bay Area arborists can teach you what needs to be done and what should be avoided, when it comes to caring for and maintaining the trees on your property.

We Can Help Your Trees Stay Strong and Healthy

If not maintained in proper fashion by call on an arborist in the Bay Area, your property’s landscaping will be impacted with many problems as time passes. When trees are not pruned and trimmed properly, they will quickly become over-crowded with dead branches. They may grow into adjacent structures which include your fence, garage, home, and power lines. As the wind blows, its powerful force can easily move dead or dying branches and limbs until they eventually break and fall. Additionally, branches that rub against one another during high winds will not develop normally and can easily break under stressful conditions.

Conversely, those that are healthy are more flexible and resistant to the wind. Even larger limbs will be prone to snapping if they are not cared for and maintained properly, and can fall on people or property. Furthermore, branches that are continually rubbing against your home will destroy eaves and roof shingles or shatter windows. Branches that move uncontrollably can easily snap power lines and create even bigger, more costly problems. Our Bay Area arborist services will ensure that your trees remain healthy and strong for many years to come, thereby keeping your family and home safer.

Benefits of Arborist Services

There are a number of ways in which your trees and you will benefit from the services that the arborists at Arbor Works provide including:

  • Benefits for you and the community you live in – When you hire our arborists in the Bay Area, you’ll be banking into something that realizes a great return on your investment. While trees that are unattractive and unhealthy can decrease the value of your property, trees that are healthy and look great will increase the value of it. A landscape that has been properly cared for and maintained will stand out from other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Enables more sunlight absorption – Over time, there is an increased build-up of dead branches within a tree’s canopy or crown. Once a branch dies, it casts a shadow over other areas and takes up some very valuable space. As more accumulate, the amount of sunlight reaching those remaining tree sections that are still alive gradually decreases. So it begins to grow outward and upward in order to obtain the sunlight that it needs to stay alive.
  • Prevents insect infestations and the spread of disease – Diseases thrive in dead and decaying trees. If the smaller, dead branches on your trees are not removed, diseases and fungi will develop and spread throughout the rest of the tree. As disease and fungi spread, this could eventually kill the larger tree sections, enabling these conditions to spread rapidly and kill the entire tree over time. We recommend that dead or dying branches be removed on a regularly scheduled basis by an arborist in Dublin.

Trees Grow – It’s Just That Simple

Without regularly scheduled tree services, growth becomes uncontrollable and the height and shape of your trees will no longer suit your property’s landscaping. When they are left to grow uncontrollably over a period of 20 to 30 years, trees that have become overgrown can break or snap in high winds. When this happens, larger sections of a tree can fall to the ground or onto your house causing a great deal of damage. Arbor Works specializes in arborist services in Dublin. For more information regarding our extensive line of tree services, contact us today.