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The Many Benefits of Expert Tree Services

There may be numerous trees or just a single, stand-alone tree on a commercial or residential property. It goes without saying that they can benefit from the care and maintenance provided by a Bay Area tree service professional. Many homeowners and property managers today appreciate the enjoyment and value that their trees provide. For the homeowner, trees add beauty and character to their property. They protect your home during the winter months, and provide cooling shade during the hotter months of summer.

For commercial property managers and owners, trees enhance its curb appeal and make the property much more attractive to occupants, tenants, and visitors. More importantly, trees can reduce the costs associated with HVAC and maintenance services. The reality is that trees afford us so many benefits. Therefore, it makes good sense to have them cared for and maintained by a professional Bay Area tree service. This is especially true if you want to maximize the benefits they provide.

Importance of Tree Services

Arbor Works, tree service specialists in the Bay Area, CA, are highly experience and knowledgeable of the different techniques involved when they are in the field caring for trees. Since no two trees are ever alike, the services that each one requires tend to differ, as well. As human beings, we tend to take the trees on our property for granted. Sometimes we fail to understand how much they provide in the way of beauty and benefits. But, with proper tree care services, they could easily provide more, where those two factors are concerned.

As an example, healthy trees could eventually cause problems on your property, as well as for themselves; if they are not cared for and maintained properly. While trees that are lush and thick may appear perfectly healthy, they must be pruned and trimmed properly in order to keep them that way. Furthermore, trees that are thick with foliage will prevent any sunlight from reaching the grass, plants, or shrubs that are directly underneath them, or surrounding them. This will make it very difficult for these to grow naturally. Thus, you have much need for a tree service, in the Bay Area.

Another problem that they have oftentimes seen, with thicker foliage, is that it can hinder the circulation of air within the tree canopy. When you combine this with the lower lighting factor, it hinders the internal leaf growth. This creates the type of environment that damaging insects and fungi thrive in. The tree service in the Bay Area, provided by Arbor Works, ensures that this will not happen. As a result, you will know that your trees are as healthy on the inside of the canopy as they appear to be on the outside.

A Word About Tree Pruning and Trimming

While many individuals appreciate the importance of tree care and maintenance services, they oftentimes confuse tree pruning with tree trimming, or use the terms interchangeably. Despite the fact that these procedures both play a significant role in maintaining the health of the tree, they are very different. On the one hand, tree pruning impacts the overall health of the tree. Tree trimming is more of a grooming and maintenance procedure that focuses on its exterior appearance. Here is additional information on each procedure:

Tree pruning – As was mentioned above, this can positively impact a tree’s overall health. It is a highly recommended Bay Area tree service that should be performed by an Arbor Works specialist. If our specialist is able to eradicate any type of infestation without having to remove any of the tree’s branches, that will be the preferred course of action. However, if the branches and leaves must be removed, then it will be done properly and safely, so that our specialist is able to save as much of the tree as they can.

Tree trimming – While this is more of a grooming procedure, this is not something that should be undertaken as a DIY project or executed by a non-professional. As our specialist improves the appearance of your trees, they will also be able to identify any additional problems that may exist, and that may need their attention. For instance, the arborist will remove any heavy branches that pose a safety threat. They can also identify the earlier signs and symptoms of disease.

When is It Time to Hire Professional Services?

Whether you need your trees pruned or trimmed, or you need any other type of tree service in the Bay Area, it’s extremely important to understand when you should hire our services. It is recommended that trimming be done during the latter part of winter or early on in springtime. This will enable your trees to look healthier and be flourishing by the time summer has arrived. Pruning on the other hand, should be done in the midst of winter, because the branches are all exposed and it is easier to correct any problems that exist. If you would like more information regarding tree pruning, tree trimming, or any of our other services, please contact Arbor Works today.


We hired Arborworks to remove 10 trees at our new house. There was a small overgrown forest going on. I don’t think anyone ever trimmed anything in this yard! Not only did they remove the trees and ground the stumps, they also took out our other items we had cut down ourselves.The biggest tree was almost three stories, you could see it towering over the house from the front and we have a two story house. Could not believe how efficiently they cut down that monster tree. Their guy who was in the tree – WOW he made it look easy but I know that it wasn’t! Knew what limbs to cut and where the limbs were going to fall. Was very impressed! We were there when they took all the trees out and I can tell you they definitely know what they are doing. They asked if we wanted the chips/mulch from the stump grinder otherwise they would have taken it away.I would hire them again in a heart beat and I’ve already recommended them! Great prices and GREAT service.
George R. Palo Alto, CAPalo Alto, CA


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