How to Care For Young Trees

August 15, 2018

When you have trees in your backyard on your property, they need looking after and care. Healthy trees are only possible when you maintain them properly with the help of professional tree care services. Having a routine for care and maintenance can help the young trees thrive.

When Is It Important To Get A Tree Removed From Your Yard?

August 7, 2018

Although trees provide the verdant cover on your property, oftentimes, living under a large tree can be risky. Thus, you might want the tree to be removed as it might be decaying or posing a risk to your safety. If you find fungal infestation or microbial growth that is affecting the heath of the tree, … Continue reading “When Is It Important To Get A Tree Removed From Your Yard?”

What Type of Tree Roots Can Do Harm to a Sidewalk?

July 14, 2018

All sidewalks provide a pedestrian with a flat surface on which to place his or her feet. Still, not all sidewalks create a path in the same sort of location. Sometimes trees grow in the vicinity of that public walkway. On a hot day, pedestrians will welcome the shade created by any trees along the … Continue reading “What Type of Tree Roots Can Do Harm to a Sidewalk?”

Which Is the Better Mulching Material, Organic Matter or Stones?

July 6, 2018

Sometimes when a less-experienced gardener seeks advice, he or she may get this suggestion: Use mulch. Although well-meaning, the person that offers such a suggestion can leave the amateur gardener that hears it in the dark, regarding the best type of mulch to use. There are advantages to using either stones or organic matter. By … Continue reading “Which Is the Better Mulching Material, Organic Matter or Stones?”

Why It Pays to Learn the Proper Pruning Methods?

June 27, 2018

A professional gardener knows where to prune a tree and how much of any branch should be removed. An amateur gardener lacks such knowledge. Still, a homeowner that loves trees should take the time to learn about the correct pruning methods. In that way, unwanted accidents can be avoided. A pruned branch has been wounded.

Find Out How to Deal with a Bark Beetle Infestation that Is Close to Home

June 21, 2018

Perhaps you have been reading about the recent bark beetle infestations, and now you wonder if those same beetles might invade your front or backyard. Considering the factors that cause those tiny tree invaders to favor a given environment, you should be ready. You could probably find such factors in your yard.

How to Aid Recovery of a Buried Root System

June 7, 2018

A gardener knows that a root grows under the ground. When a gardener talks about a buried root, that plant-lover refers to an area of hard and compact dirt. In a flower garden, the gardener’s hoe works to soften such dirt. A planter of trees does not use a hoe. Still, the recovery of a … Continue reading “How to Aid Recovery of a Buried Root System”

How Pruning Prevents Development of Structure Defects in Trees

May 29, 2018

Due to its natural structure, a tree displays an impressive level of stability. Still some trees feel the effects of objects created by man. At times, those can cause the affected tree to have a defective structure. The introduction of that defect then causes the defective plant to be less stable.

Why You Should Remove the Stumps in Your Yard

May 22, 2018

You would never welcome the presence of litter on your yard. Yet a stump is a type of natural litter. That fact highlights one reason for ridding a front yard of stumps.Maybe you support advocates for sustainability of the earth’s treasures. A stump is not a treasure. Here are three reasons for performing in your … Continue reading “Why You Should Remove the Stumps in Your Yard”

Matching the Soil under a Tree with Its Nutrient Needs

May 15, 2018

Trees have all sorts of ways for getting their seeds into the soil. Some use acorns; some rely on pine cones. Fruit trees hide their seeds in a colorful, tasty and juicy food. The maple tree has an interesting seed carrier. Children love to play with it and stick it on their nose.