DIY Tips on Different Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

March 12, 2019

As you are planning to remove a tree on your property, your main concern will likely be in regards to cutting down the tree, with little thought going toward the stump removal. In reality, the opposite should be the case. After all, the removal of a stump is a much grander process, and because of this, is also commonly an additional service offered separately from the tree removal service.

Finding Out What To Do About That Stump On Your Property

March 10, 2019

There are quite a few people who find themselves stumped when they find out that a general tree removal service does not entail the removal of the tree’s stump. If that has happened to you, you may be left with a series of questions coursing through your mind in regards to this newly arisen problem. Hopefully, we can answer most, if not all, of these questions.

Know More About California Palm Diseases

March 2, 2019

The state is full of California palms due to their iconic appearance and low maintenance level, as well as their perfectly adapted state to the local climate. Unfortunately, there is also an array of diseases which have taken to infest our local California palm tree population, most significantly the Pink Rot, Diamond Sale, and the Fusarium Wilt. By informing yourself about these diseases, you will be able to spot the warning signs and know what to expect for the future of your tree.

How To Properly Prune The Roots Of Your Tree

February 26, 2019

As you dig a trench or hole near a tree, you run risk of cutting and damaging the roots of nearby trees. If damaged too heavily, or cut too closely, the result of this can be a decline in your tree’s health, and even to the fall of your tree. When a tree falls, especially a mature one, damages can range anywhere from holes in the roof and smashed cars, to severely hurt or even killed persons.In order to prevent such things, you should learn about the art of root pruning, so you know what to avoid in the future.

Guide To California Oak Pests

February 18, 2019

The wildlife local to California has been largely dependent on oaks for a long, long time. From squirrels, deer, all the way to black bears, the animal population has been relying on acorns for sustenance. But they aren’t the only ones feasting on these trees.Insects have been gnawing away at our oaks’ leaves and causing serious damage to the trees in the process. Damage sometimes severe enough to fully kill the tree, whether it be through direct action, or through the transmittance of bacteria, fungi, or diseases.Here is a selection of the most common threats to Californian Oaks:

How Can Proper Pruning Prevent Fires?

January 31, 2019

While the majority of people are aware of the tree health benefits that come with frequent pruning, many are unaware of the additional benefits that come with the tree maintenance practice. And believe it or not, one of these main benefits are fire prevention. That is right: a lack of pruning can actually be a fire hazard. Low lying branches, fallen sticks, bark, and leaves, dried out branches – all of these are used to start camp fires, so of course, they will also give a boost to accidental fires caused by excess heat, cigarettes, lightning strikes, fireworks, or anything else of the sort.

How You Can Shield Your Trees from Sun Damage

January 23, 2019

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but the sun can actually cause harm to trees. As with humans, it is vital for their survival, but similarly to how we can get sunburned, the trees on this earth can get something called “sunscald”. And just like a truly severe sunburn can lead to skin cancer, sunscald can also permanently damage a tree’s health, and even lead to an earlier demise.

Professional Tips to Prune Fruit Trees

January 17, 2019

While still young, your fruit tree will truly flourish after a good and systematic pruning. If done right, pruning can increase the lifespan of your tree, and make for a more structured and stable growth pattern in the tree’s crown. The key in here is that it needs to be done right.Pruning is based on science and needs to be adapted to each individual tree and its unique growth pattern. What this means is that, if done wrong, pruning can actually damage your tree and make it susceptible to infestation and disease.

Understanding the Importance Of Tree Trimming

January 11, 2019

The landscape surrounding your property can become a major plus point for curb appeal with just a little maintenance. A lush green lawn, frequently mowed, a flower bed, frequently weeded, and of course the main focal points: trees. Tall, flourishing trees can be a beautiful addition to any property, and when properly trimmed, can even be an attributing factor for a buyer to purchase your home. Or if you are not looking to sell, simply make it a beautiful and inspiring addition to your home.

What is the Cost of a Tree Service?

December 29, 2018

There are a lot of factors which go into determining the price of tree removal or trimming. The biggest factors are the location of the tree and its size. To help you get an idea of what cost to expect, and when it is best to simply take on the job yourself, we have put together this guide. It should be noted that none of the estimated prices will include discounts which are available for members of a large portion of tree service providers.