How To Identify An “at-Risk” Tree

October 25, 2017

Having trees on your property can provide a number of benefits if they are cared for and maintained on a regularly scheduled basis. However, having large trees near your home has its risks as well. So how can you tell when it’s time to contact a tree removal service and avoid any damage to your home and property? No matter what types of trees are on your property, they will eventually become so old that they’re potentially dangerous to keep.

Helpful Tree Pruning Suggestions for the First Time Homeowner

October 18, 2017

So you recently bought your first home and you’re getting settled. Congratulations on becoming a homeowner in the Dublin area. As a resident of the area, you’ve already seen the abundance of trees that exist here and in many of the surrounding areas as well. If owning a piece of property with plants, shrubs, and trees is a new experience, here are a few helpful suggestions that you should consider if you want to keep them healthy and extend their lifespan.

Residential & Estate

October 9, 2017

It is difficult to imagine a world without the comfort of a cooling shade tree’s canopy to sit beneath in your backyard. Yes, trees provide the ideal setting for entire families to enjoy a day outside, whether children or grandchildren, parents or grandparents.

Corporate & Commercial

October 9, 2017

ArborWorks’ Certified Arborists understand the importance of reducing the stress and time demands of the property manager by establishing Systematic Maintenance Programs (SMP). Throughout California, corporate and commercial property management companies entrust ArborWorks with their greatest landscape investment – their trees. With ArborWorks’ Systematic Maintenance Programs (SMP), those investments will flourish – creating a safe and beautiful environment that is sure to attract and retain tenants, simultaneously escalating commercial real estate value.

Construction Sites

October 9, 2017

A construction site can present many challenges when it comes to existing trees. To maximize tree preservation, it is best to include ArborWorks’ tree care experts as a part of the development team. ArborWorks provides a full review of civil engineering and architectural plans, coupled with our GPS technology which inventories the trees and their exact location.

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

October 9, 2017

his is no secret that trees create beauty and challenge on a golf course. Trees influence the game of golf in many ways – they frame the course, define the field of play, offer privacy and seclusion from adjoining fairways and greens therefore protecting golfers, homes and cars from errant golf shots.

Municipalities & Parks

October 9, 2017

Tree lined streets and parks make any community a nicer place to be. ArborWorks has the expert knowledge and the commitment required to preserve the beauty these trees provide by creating long term care plans that are sensible and practical. One critical element on a municipality or park project is the timeliness of completion. ArborWorks has an outstanding reputation for starting and ending projects efficiently, safely, and on time.

Structural Pruning For Trees To Ensure Health And Safety

September 8, 2017

when you consider trees in nature, you know that, most often, they will grow up in a stand of other similar trees, stretching up toward the sunlight. The natural forest encourages a strong central trunk and reasonable branch size. Now, consider your landscape trees. Most often, they are solitary trees, not having to compete for sunlight. According to Dublin tree trimming and pruning experts, a tree outside its normal habitat will often grow a wide crown, large lower branches, and multiple limbs. Although these can be beautiful to us, they can also mean a tree that is structurally weak. Poor tree structure can result in limb breakage and tree failure. These trees will often be the first ones to fall during a storm but can also be weak in normal conditions.

Is Bracing Or Cabling A Good Solution For A Structurally Insecure Tree?

August 30, 2017

Brace rods and cables are supports used for trees that have weak branches, compromised structure, or multiple trunks in order to reduce the risk of failure. When a tree is leaning, it can pose potential risk, especially in stormy weather. In other cases, a tree can grow in a way that its structure can no longer support its own weight. This is the case, many times, when tree have multiple trunks and large canopies. Risk can mean several things. Are structures, utility lines, or people in danger if the tree falls?

Healthy Soil Means Happy Trees

August 23, 2017

In suburban Dublin, your trees are faced with a lot of competition. Grass, landscaping, a finite amount of sun and water, limited room for growth, soil nutrients — all of this presents a challenge to the plants that are vying for these limited resources.