Common Signs Your Tree Needs Removal

Los Gatos Tree Service Experts Share Advice About Tree Health

Trees are a very valuable part of the ecosystem. But more than that, they can provide you with many benefits as a homeowner. Not only do they provide shade, and help lower your heating and cooling costs, but also they can increase your home’s value. However, when a tree is past its prime and in need of removal, it’s essential to get that service before its too late. Not only can an old and damaged tree seem unsightly, but a falling branch can easily damage your home and put your family and safety at risk. In this article, we’ll cover some important signs you need tree removal and how you can prevent tree damage in the future.

Signs You Might Need to Remove a Tree

Trees are a wonderful part of your home’s landscape. However, there are times when you might need to remove a tree because it’s diseased or dying. Below are some of the most common signs that your tree might be on its way out.

  • Mushrooms that are growing at the trunk’s base
  • Peeling or chipped bark
  • Cracks in your tree’s trunk
  • The trunk has cavities or big scaffold branches
  • Hanging or dead branches in your tree’s upper crown
  • Twigs that don’t have any buds on or close to the ends of the branches

While some of these issues can be solved with a bit of pruning, once your trees are too far gone, it’s essential to work with a tree service company. If you’re unsure whether that’s the right option for your home, give us a call to see how we can help you determine the best course of action for your trees.

What Causes Tree Damage?

Before you remove your tree, figure out the problem.

Look for Water Issues

The area around your tree should have proper drainage. If you’re noticing that it’s waterlogged, make sure that you’re giving it better drainage. It’s also possible that the tree isn’t getting ample water, especially if you’re in a dry area.

Use Mulch Carefully

Even though it’s useful when you properly use it, it also can harm your tree. When mulch is used around your tree’s base, make sure it isn’t too thick. If the mulch is too thick, thin it out. This will ensure your tree’s roots can breathe. It’s going to help with preventing bacteria, fungi, insects, rot, and many other problems.

Prune Your Tree Properly

If you’re interested in trying to save your dying tree, pruning can be very beneficial.. If you are seeing diseased spots on a tree that’s otherwise healthy, removing those diseased sections properly could help with saving the tree. Make sure that you’re removing any branches that are diseased because this will help with preventing this issue from spreading. It’s also essential to sterilize any saws, knives or shears that you used for cutting away those diseased spots.

Properly Fertilize Your Tree

This is another item that can possibly harm a tree rather than help it. when you’re using fertilizer for your lawn around your yard, don’t spray or sprinkle it really close to the trees. If you’d rather make your own fertilizer, make sure that no diseased plant material is used as one of the ingredients. Test your soil before using fertilizer on a dying tree. This will help you know if you’re fixing the right problem.

Talk to an Arborist

Are you unsure of what is wrong with your tree? Why not give us a call? At Arborworks, Inc, we are happy to help you with seeing what we can do to help your tree and give you tips. As the leading tree service company in Los Gatos, we offer dependable service to help keep your home and family protected.