Nobody enjoys watching a beloved tree be cut down and carried away. The empty space left behind can be heartbreaking to look at. However, sometimes, you simply have no choice. Or rather: the choice lies between removal and waiting for the doomed tree to fall on its own and take down person or property along with it.What this means is that, in order to protect yourself and everyone and everything around you, you will simply have to let the professionals come in and remove the tree for you. And to ease the process, it is best to know when the ideal time for removal is.

When Should You Remove Your Tree?

There is a multitude of warning signs that signal the imminent demise of a tree. These signs range from a leaning of the trunk, lethal disease and infestation, all the way to an upheaving of the roots. Regardless of what the sign is, as soon as you take notice of it, you should call in an arborist right away who will inspect your tree and tell you if it can be saved.

If the arborist’s diagnosis is an infectious disease or pest, you will need to act fast and get the tree removed before other trees in its vicinity can also be infected.When it comes to less threatening problems, you should wait for the dormant season which stretches between late winter and the early spring months. This is because lighter and leafless trees are easier to cut down and discard. However, even when it comes to the removal of pine trees which never shed all their needles at once, the frozen ground will still help to protect the stability of surrounding trees.However, even with these known factors, the perfect time for removal is still unique for each tree, and can only truly by an expert who has seen and inspected it in person.

What Is TheMost Affordable Time Of Year For Tree Removal?

While it is generally believed that winter is cheapest, and summer is most expensive, the reality is that a wide variety of factors influence the price of tree removal. The most influential factors are the size, accessibility, and type of your tree.Additionally, the best thing you can do for yourself and your tree is to bring in a certified arborist for the undertaking. Due to their experience and insurance coverage, they will know what to do and be transparent in regards to each step. You may look up tree removal services in Bay Area CA to ensure that the trees are cut and removed with skill and ease.


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