Professional Tree Care Services in Diablo

Picking the best company to provide you with tree service can be difficult. Arborworks, Inc. is the leading name in the Bay Area known for always putting customer satisfaction first.

Are you tired of trimming your own trees? Or hiring a service that botches the job? Look no further. Arborworks, Inc. is your local Bay Area tree service that understands what it’s like to be a homeowner and take care of your property. We are here to serve you with a fair rate and hard work that will get your trees to look their absolute best. Unlike other companies that simply cut branches and remove debris, we’ve earned the Diamond Certified award and have over 40 years of experience on our side. This means the advice and service you’re getting for your home is not just based on aesthetics, but rather arboricultural experience as well.

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The Importance of Tree Service

Trees do such an important job. Not only do they provide us with the very air we breathe, but also they go a long way to keeping our homes looking their best. Why don’t we take good care of them in return? Tree care is an important aspect of any landscaping, whether it be for a home or a business. Trees can become infested with parasites, require a fresh fertilizer, or even become diseased. When you invest in tree services in advance, your trees live longer, look more healthy, and your curb appeal benefits. Here are some important services that could help your trees:

  • Pruning and trimming – Tree pruning and trimming are both great ways to take care of your trees. For all those branches that need to be let go in the best interest of the tree’s life, tree pruning and trimming are services you’ll need.
  • Fertilization –All plants need a healthy dose of fertilizer to be around for a while. Purchasing fertilization services for your trees is a step in the right direction.
  • Soil amending– What good is any tree care without a healthy foundation? Soil amending is an essential step in taking care of your trees and ensuring their long lifespan.

Sometimes, your trees are already in a dire state. Having dead trees cut down or repurposing a stump into mulch for your garden are other aspects of tree service that your neighborhood tree care company can offer. Calling a professional to get the job done right will make your tree service needs a breeze and your worries lighter. What’s the bottom line? Taking good care of your trees is a worthy investment for the long run value of your property, the purity of your air, and the balance in your bank account.

Tree Removal Services That Do It All

When your trees go from an enchanted forest to wiry branches and trunks, it’s time to consider getting them removed. Dead trees can be a serious safety hazard, especially for anyone that will walk near them. Maybe you have a dead tree on your business’ property, or in the front yard of your house. In either situation, having that heavy foliage removed can keep you out of a lawsuit or the hospital.

When it comes time to cut that tree down, calling a professional service is the way to go. An experienced specialist in tree removal can dispose of that tree before it falls on top of your house. It’s a cost-effective, preventative measure that will save you a headache and any potential future damage. Call a local tree services company when you know it’s time to say goodbye to that ancient birch. Your future self will thank you for it when an old tree hasn’t turned your driveway into a coffin!

Arborworks Is the Name You Can Trust

Sure, you could choose any tree services company to handle your tree maintenance. But no two service providers are alike. Arbor Works has set itself apart in the Bay Area as a diamond-certified, top-rated tree service company. Our commitment to our customers, our communities, and the environment make us the optimal company to take care of all your tree care.

We are fortunate for the opportunity to do business in Diablo, and the wider Bay Area. Our founder’s 40 years of expertise combined with the determination of our specialists to never leave a property without a five-star job make Arbor Works the high-quality name Diablo clients can trust.

Arborworks, Inc. is the service that will always give the best work. Contact us today at 1-866-936-8733 to inquire about how we can take care of all your tree service needs!


A fair price for prompt and superb work… what more can one ask for? ArborWorks owner, Don Mcintyre, came personally to assess my job – pruning one large pine out of the power lines, thinning its crown for more sunlight on my garden, and pulling out some smaller bushes including the stumps – and it was an excellent price for the job. ArborWorks arborist, Hildargo, who bravely and cheerfully climbed to the tips of the highest branches to clear the power lines, successfully turned the heavily…
Tammy M.San Francisco, CA


Arborworks Inc. Diamond Certified


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