Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Services in Bay Area

Protect your home and limit property damage with reliable emergency tree services from Arborworks, Inc. From branch removal to stump grinding, our staff has you covered.

At Arborworks, Inc. we’re homeowners too, which means we’ve seen our fair share of damage caused by falling branches and unkempt landscaping. That’s why we do our best to provide customers with top quality care and services. No one wants to put their money and yard in the hands of a company that doesn’t have their priorities in check. Arborworks, Inc. is the business that puts the customer at the forefront of all our operations. Best of all, we’re available for emergency tree services, getting you immediate care when you need it most.

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How Tree Damage Can Hurt Your Home

Maybe that old birch has finally called it quits – by falling on top of your roof. Or even worse, the giant cedar in your neighbor’s yard is now lying in your attic. Maybe it’s none of the above, and you’re needing expedited service to get that dead spruce out of your yard before you sell your home. Regardless of your tree emergency’s roots, the bottom line is this: tree damage can ruin your home. Some common issues include:

  • Property Damage – Whether you’re worried a tree’s going to damage your roof or its roots are bursting through your pipes, property damage is a nightmare for any home or business owner. Its costs can add up quickly, and the repairs can take months.
  • Curb Appeal Issues  You always want your home to look its best, and with unsightly landscaping, that may not be possible. Curb appeal alone can heavily influence the value and selling power of your property. Dead trees in your yard detract from your curb appeal, and the value placed on your assets.
  • Safety Concerns – Trees are some of the heaviest beings in nature. When a tree dies and falls over on a person, it can be fatal. If a tree even falls on a building or a car that someone was sitting in, a hospital visit could be in their future. The safety concerns of having a dead tree in the yard can add up quickly, and so can the bills they create.

Sometimes, trees are planted too close to a home, or the house was constructed too close to trees that were already there. When this happens, that tree can cause some major damage to your humble abode and your wallet. Trees that are too close to a house can harm siding, windows, pipes, and your roof. If the roots aren’t too developed yet, it’s an easy fix. If not, removal can get complicated in the blink of an eye.

The Benefits of Professional Services

When your tree’s placed its roots firmly in a spot you don’t want them, what do you do? Dig in the ground yourself to move a hundred-pound trunk out of the way? Hopefully not, when you can call a professional and let the worry fall off your shoulders. As mentioned above, too much tree in the wrong place can cause more damage, more stress, and more money than anybody wants to deal with. When you call a professional, you’re taking good care of your home and property, and ensuring that the tree doesn’t suffer through the process. When you work with us you can expect:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Detailed tree trimming and pruning – ensuing there’s no issue in the future
  • Immediate attention and care
  • 40 years of arboricultural experience

At Arborworks, Inc. our goal is to make the entire process simple, convenient, and affordable, so you can turn an emergency situation into a positive experience.

Why Arborworks Is the Tree Service For You

Part of what we do at Arborworks, Inc. is protecting our environment and our health through ethical tree service. When you call us, you call on a name that’s diamond-certified, and that’s earned many five-star reviews. Furthermore, you call a service that puts you first and will not rest until the job is done.

At Arborworks, Inc. we have the experience, business philosophy, and motivation to provide you with quality service you’ll never forget. When you call us, you’re working with experienced arborists who take the craft and expertise seriously!

When you need expert tree trimming and removal services, and you need them fast, trust Arborworks, Inc. Call us at 1-866-936-8733 and get the emergency tree services you deserve.


A fair price for prompt and superb work… what more can one ask for? ArborWorks owner, Don Mcintyre, came personally to assess my job – pruning one large pine out of the power lines, thinning its crown for more sunlight on my garden, and pulling out some smaller bushes including the stumps – and it was an excellent price for the job. ArborWorks arborist, Hildargo, who bravely and cheerfully climbed to the tips of the highest branches to clear the power lines, successfully turned the heavily…
Tammy M.San Francisco, CA


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