There are quite a few people who find themselves stumped when they find out that a general tree removal service does not entail the removal of the tree’s stump. If that has happened to you, you may be left with a series of questions coursing through your mind in regards to this newly arisen problem. Hopefully, we can answer most, if not all, of these questions.

Why should I remove this stump in the first place?

Lowers curb appeal: Well, for one, they are ugly to look at. Among the green grass, blooming flowers, and general lush greenery, a random stump will not just stick out, it could also negatively impact the overall curb appeal of your entire property.

Uses space: And if that isn’t enough reason for you, it will also take up a significant amount of space that could otherwise be used to create an even lawn, build a new tree, or plant a flower bed or vegetable garden.

Fire hazard:Even if you do not care about appearances at all, you may be convinced when you consider that a tree stump can pose as a hazard. It can be as a source of danger to playing kids who may see it as a great place to jump from, or as a hurdle to leap over. And it can also be a hazard for mowers and other machinery which could get damaged by the stump and its roots. Overall, a stump is less of a headache to get rid of, than it is to keep around for some reason.

Attract wildlife: If all of that wasn’t enough, a stump will also attract wildlifelike small rodents, snakes, and insects which can transmit to the rest of your home and property. Such large-scale infestations will take serious money to control and eradicate.

How do I get rid of the stump?

Broadly speaking, there are really only two major ways to remove a stump: by using a stump grinder, or by getting down and dirty and doing it mechanically.A stump grinderis specifically designed to get the job done. Most of them utilize a rotating disc, or sometimes a wheel, which is covered in little sharp teeth that will grind up the stump in its entirety. These grinders can be rented, or you can hire Tree Removal service in Bay Area CA to bring along their own and do the job for you.

Additionally, the other way is to actually take a spade and dig out the whole stump which isn’t an easy thing to do. However, you have the option of doing it either ways. It is best to talk with a tree care service to know more about the pricing and options.


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