While the majority of people are aware of the tree health benefits that come with frequent pruning, many are unaware of the additional benefits that come with the tree maintenance practice. And believe it or not, one of these main benefits are fire prevention. That is right: a lack of pruning can actually be a fire hazard. Low lying branches, fallen sticks, bark, and leaves, dried out branches – all of these are used to start camp fires, so of course, they will also give a boost to accidental fires caused by excess heat, cigarettes, lightning strikes, fireworks, or anything else of the sort.

Be Aware Of The Risks

The best way of removing fire hazards is to know what to look for. When it comes to your trees, there are multiple areas which Tree Service in Bay Area CA will need to pay attention to in order to determine which ones are running the highest risk of boosting fires.

Among the main warning signs are things such as branches with little to no leaves, cracking bark, dried out and weak limbs, infestation of fungus or parasites, and signs of rot. All of these are symptoms of a dying tree, which are unfortunately also the ones running risk of catching fire. This is because nutrients aren’t flowing anymore which dries out the tree and makes it more flammable than the living, growing wood of other trees.

Pay Attention to The Spacing of Your Trees

Another fire hazard are closely spaced trees. This is because fires can jump more easily from tree to tree when they are placed closely together. Additionally, the fallen leaves and sticks from neighboring trees, as well as low hanging branches, will be crossing which will form a bridge for the fire to spread faster and become more and more difficult to control, similar to a wildfire.When it comes to the spacing between trees, there are rules which you should follow in order to ensure maximum possible safety.

The minimum safety distance between trees and their surroundings has been determined to be ten feet horizontally between branches and structures such as houses, garages, etc., six feet between the ground and the tree’s lowest branches, and when it comes to shrubs and bushes, three times the height of the smaller vegetation between them and the lowest hanging branches.These distances extend significantly when trees are growing on a slope. Thus, it is important that you call in a tree care company so that they can evaluate the fire risks on your property and suggest measures to mitigate the risks. It always helps to call in licensed professionals that are aware of the best solutions.


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