Every year, the season of fall marks the time in which our trees change color and go dormant in preparation of the cold season. However, trees don’t actually go fully dormant. Their root system remains active and cold-resistant pests continue to pose a threat.Below, we have provided a list of tips and tricks you should memorize so the trees under your care will have the best chances of making it to spring with their health fully intact.


As you will probably be aware of, the forest is always covered in a layer of dead leaves throughout fall whereas all the people whip out the rakes to get rid of the leaves in their yards. This actually isn’t the best of ideas since the natural mulch that dead leaves provide are the best way (better than all the store-bought stuff) of fertilizing the ground before winter brings the snow, frost, and ice.


Despite what is widely believed, trees do still require water throughout fall. With the root system still working overtime to provide the rest of the tree with nutrients, water is still necessary for its survival. With the sun no longer drying up the soil nearly as much as throughout summer, you can water a lot less, about half as much, but definitely do not stop entirely.


With the leaves now gone, you will be able to get a much closer look at the branches making up the canopy. Now is the time to check for parasitic plants, crossing or cracked branches, fungi, and any other threat. Anything that looks abnormal or threatening is a reason to reach out to a certified arborist and ask for guidance.

Removing Infected Leaves

If the previous step has led to you discovering a disease befalling the leaves, tree care in Bay Area needs to rake them all up and get rid of them by taking them to brush recycling center where they will be sterilized and resold as mulch free of disease. Leftover leaves can repopulate in spring and bring the disease back to your tree so be sure to double check so you have caught every last one.

Enjoying Your Tree In Fall

Once you have ensured your tree’s health and safety, you should simply go out there and enjoy the colors and beauty of fall. Breathe in the cooling air and let the gentleness of nature calm you.


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