Professional Tree Care Services in Lafayette

Finding the right provider of tree care can be a tall order. In the Bay Area, Arborworks is the one that will always put the customer first.

When it comes time to have your trees maintained or cut down, calling a professional is key. Arborworks, Inc. has set itself apart as a top runner in the Bay Area for quality tree services. As your Lafayette tree service company, we can help with any number of issues. From tree trimming to stump removal, we offer the best services that are custom-tailored to your home needs. When it’s time to call in the pros, you can rest assured that your lawn is in safe hands with Arborworks, Inc. one of few companies in the area to win the prestigious Double Diamond award for customer service and work quality.

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The Benefits of Tree Service

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the plunge by closing on that new house or opening the doors on your very own business. But with every brick and mortar property comes a yard, with trees that will require maintenance. Caring for your trees keeps the air clean, the environment healthy, and your curb appeal at its best. Going it alone, however, can become tragic in seconds. Here are some ways a tree service company can help you:

  • Insect control – It’s such a shame to see a once-gorgeous tree eaten up with insects. One of the many options within tree service is to get insects under control before the insects control you. Tree service companies can help you say bye-bye to those pests!
  • Inspection and Consultation – Maybe you don’t know where to begin with treating your trees and need an expert’s opinion before signing a check for services. Inspection and consultation can help you know exactly what your trees need before it’s time to hit the ground running on care.
  • Organic Fertilization – All plants need a good, organic fertilizer to grow healthy and strong. Trees benefit exponentially from having a top-quality fertilizer at their roots. A tree services company can get you started on a fertilizer that will keep your trees around for ages.

Is a DIY job possible? Sure. But the chances of it turning out the way you may anticipate are slim. Trimming too much off a tree can endanger it, and trying to remove a stump on your own is a broken arm waiting to happen. Calling a professional service is the only thing standing between your trees now and the enchantment they could be.

Why Tree Cutting Can Be the Lowest-Cost Option

Despite your best efforts, maybe your tree’s branches are falling all over the place, and its remains just aren’t salvageable. It’s time to cut that tree down. You don’t want things from that tree falling on your kids in your front yard, or on customers walking into your business. Having that tree cut down can be the best solution for your sanity, safety, and bank account.

If you were to take a tree cutting job into your own hands, that cedar could very well fall over just where you don’t want it. Professionals can take care of the tree cutting and make your life much easier. You’re already busy between work, caring for your home, and plenty of other commitments. Why add yet another by attempting to cut down your own trees? A specialist can lighten your load and do the heavy cutting for you.

Call Arborworks Today!

When it comes to tree cutting, you have options. But Arbor Works is the number 1 tree care provider in the Bay Area that will not rest until you get the service you deserve. With an unparalleled commitment to our customers in the Bay Area, Lafayette clients can be confident in the job Arborworks will do. We want you to have a yard for your home or commercial property that you will love.

Arborworks’ extensive experience in the industry is the difference between your current landscaping and the best curb appeal on your block. To our neighbors in Lafayette, we are ready to serve you.

When you want to keep your home looking its best with top-rated landscaping, contact us today at 1-866-936-8733. Arborworks, Inc. is your reliable Lafayette tree service company, offer quality services at affordable rates.


Anyone who really cares about their trees knows how hard it is to find a good tree trimmer. I’ve used both major name brands, and self employed tree trimmers, and have never been very satisfied, until now. ArborWorks trimmed my trees as carefully as I would have, if I knew how to climb trees!Don McIntyre, owner, responded within two days of my call, and his estimate was fair and thorough. He personally brought the foreman of the crew to my site to go over the job the evening before the crew would actually arrive. Don also visits the site as the work is performed, to make sure everything goes smoothly.If my trees could vocalize, they’d sing about the space created for light to enter the crown, and how good it feels to have the weight off the ends of the limbs. Even neighbors have come by to complement me on how good the trees look. “Best ever”.I only wish I had known about ArborWorks sooner. It took me 32 years to find them. I hope my trees will forgive me for taking so long…
Karen K. Mountain View, CA


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