Leave Tree Pruning to the Professionals

The professionals at Arborworks Inc. are here to help when you need the trees on your property pruned!

If you have trees on your property, you know that they have to be taken care of in order to maintain safety on your property. When the trees are pruned and healthy, trees can actually add property value to your home. However, if a tree looks to be in dangerous conditions, it will just as quickly decrease the property value. Trees are beautiful and they provide a great service to all of humanity. They can even reduce your energy bills each month. That said, in order to keep them that way, they require regular maintenance. This is something that has to be done by a professional. Trees can get dangerous rather quickly.

They are tall and heavy creatures, and without proper knowledge of how to prune a tree, you are likely to get hurt on the job. Continue reading to learn more about the risks involved with trying to prune a tree without a professional.

The Risks of Pruning a Tree Without a Professional

The trees in your yard might not seem that tall and intimidating at first, but when you get at the top of one and you are trying to trim the branches, things can get scary quick. The truth is, there are DIY articles and videos that will tell you that you can prune your own trees to save a few bucks here and there. The fact of the matter is this, those articles and videos don’t have your safety in mind.

When you try to prune your own trees, you run the risk of:

  • Falling out of the tree
  • Falling and getting pinned by a large tree branch
  • Getting stuck in the tree

In any one of these situations, you are potentially ending up in the emergency room and paying medical bills before it is all said and done. Save yourself money in the end and call in the help of a professional.

What Can Happen in the Future?

If you try to prune your trees without a professional, it is not only dangerous in the present, but it can cause problems in the future as well. The fact of the matter is this, you don’t really know what you are doing so it is likely that you prune your trees all wrong. This can lead to loose branches falling and causing dangerous situations.

Trees that are closer to the home are dangerous as well because they threaten to cause damage to your home. Think about the future before you try to prune your own trees. You could be spending a lot of money in repair costs due to poor DIY pruning skills. Not only that but if a branch falls and hurts a neighbor, you could end up with a lawsuit.

The bottom line, pruning your own trees just isn’t worth it.

Common Mistakes Made When DIY Tree Pruning

When you try to prune your trees without little to no knowledge on the subject, it can lead to a whole mess of mistakes.

Some common mistakes include:

  • Cutting the tree too much
    • This can kill the tree or cause it to tip over
  • Tree topping
    • This encourages sucker growth which compromises the structural integrity of the tree
  • Cutting to close to the branch collar
    • This encourages trunk decay
  • Pruning big branches
    • Leads to internal decay
  • Damage to the bark
    • Can cause disease in the tree

We Can Help

Arborworks Inc. is the trained professionals you need to call to handle all of your tree needs. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry so you can trust that we have seen it all and no how to handle it all as well. All of our arborists are licensed, certified, and members of multiple different organizations. Our learning never stops. Call and schedule your tree pruning appointment today!


We hired Arborworks to remove 10 trees at our new house. There was a small overgrown forest going on. I don’t think anyone ever trimmed anything in this yard! Not only did they remove the trees and ground the stumps, they also took out our other items we had cut down ourselves.The biggest tree was almost three stories, you could see it towering over the house from the front and we have a two story house. Could not believe how efficiently they cut down that monster tree. Their guy who was in the tree – WOW he made it look easy but I know that it wasn’t! Knew what limbs to cut and where the limbs were going to fall. Was very impressed! We were there when they took all the trees out and I can tell you they definitely know what they are doing. They asked if we wanted the chips/mulch from the stump grinder otherwise they would have taken it away.I would hire them again in a heart beat and I’ve already recommended them! Great prices and GREAT service.
George R. Palo Alto, CAPalo Alto, CA


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