Making Way For Good Views: Essential Tree Trimming Care Tips

One of the best things about homeownership can be the trees in your yard. They provide shade in the summer, decorate your yard, and help keep our air healthy and clean. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to partner with the right tree service company to keep your trees healthy and happy, whether you’re adding a new tree or removing one. More often than not, most homeowners won’t realize that tree trimming and pruning are essential not only for the views it gives you but also for the very health of your trees. Read on to learn more facts on the importance of this essential service.

How Trees Benefit Your Home

The trees on your property can bring benefits to your home and your life, many of which you might not even be aware of. The following list includes some common reasons why it’s a great idea to add trees to your home:

  • Trees Help Us Breathe – Trees give off oxygen, which we need to breathe, but they also improve our air quality by filtering out harmful pollutants like ozone and carbon monoxide.
  • Trees Help You Feel Better – Studies show that people who spend time around trees and other green spaces have reduced stress in their lives and that people recover from surgery faster when their hospital rooms have a view of trees.
  • Trees Can Save You Money – A home with well placed, mature trees can actually earn more than 10% on the market when for sale than homes with less landscaping and fewer trees. If you plant trees now, your future wallet will thank you.

Why Trim Your Trees?

Besides keeping your trees looking beautiful, routinely trimming your trees can be beneficial for their health as well. The following list includes some of the ways pruning your tree can keep it healthy:

  • Stop Sickness – By catching an illness in your tree early and trimming it to remove the diseased or infected portions, you may save your tree’s life. So trim back dead branches or sick portions away from your tree as soon as possible.
  • Keep Your Tree Strong – Regularly and correctly trimming your trees can keep their structure strong. Addressing odd growth and removing dead or unsightly branches can all help your tree to strengthen.
  • Help Your Tree Breathe – When your tree is regularly trimmed, it will allow more air to circulate freely around the leaves and branches. Trees need to breathe just like people and when better air circulation means a happy and healthy tree.

When To Remove A Tree

It’s one thing if you have a tree on your property that is clearly dead, but sometimes a tree may appear healthy but be facing a sickness it can’t recover from. Familiarizing yourself with the various signs and symptoms of an ill or dangerous tree can help you to know when to contact a professional. Below are some common signs to look for:

  • Dead branches in the upper crown – If your tree has dead branches in the top of the tree, it’s a sign that your tree may not be growing well. If the tree has over 50% dead branches, it may be time for you to consider removing it.
  • Your tree is too close to the house – A tree that is near your residence can be a hazard to your home, especially when storms roll around. Trees should be no closer than 20 feet to a house.
  • Hollow tree – A tree that is hollow inside has been compromised by illness or some other factor. If the tree is more than 30% hollow, it’s time for it to be removed for safety concerns.

Call ArborWorks Inc. For All Your Tree Care Needs

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We hired Arborworks to remove 10 trees at our new house. There was a small overgrown forest going on. I don’t think anyone ever trimmed anything in this yard! Not only did they remove the trees and ground the stumps, they also took out our other items we had cut down ourselves.The biggest tree was almost three stories, you could see it towering over the house from the front and we have a two story house. Could not believe how efficiently they cut down that monster tree. Their guy who was in the tree – WOW he made it look easy but I know that it wasn’t! Knew what limbs to cut and where the limbs were going to fall. Was very impressed! We were there when they took all the trees out and I can tell you they definitely know what they are doing. They asked if we wanted the chips/mulch from the stump grinder otherwise they would have taken it away.I would hire them again in a heart beat and I’ve already recommended them! Great prices and GREAT service.
George R. Palo Alto, CAPalo Alto, CA


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