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Searching for the best company to take care of your trees can be such a headache. Arborworks, Inc. is the top tree care business in the Bay Area, always getting the job done and putting customers above all else.

Just like any other maintenance on your home, tree care, and proper maintenance is a must. When you decide it’s time to go pro, finding the right tree services company to do the job can be a lot of extra work. There’s no need to look further now! Arborworks, Inc. is a front runner in the industry within the Bay Area and Orinda community. From our high client reviews to our jobs that always look incredible, you can trust our experts to provide the quality service that earned us a Diamond Certified award. No matter what your needs, we have a quality solution for you. Whether it’s tree trimming, new landscaping renovations or even an irrigation system, you can count on our staff for help.

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Tree Trimming for a Healthier Yard

Tree trimming is hands-down one of the most important aspects of proper tree maintenance. Anyone with trees in their yard, whether it be for their house or business, should consider having their trees trimmed. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Safety – This one’s important! A tree with flyaway branches could severely injure you or your family. Tree trimming ensures that no one will get hurt from a tree’s extra branches.
  • Crown lifting – If the branches on your trees are hanging too low to the ground, it’s difficult to enjoy sitting underneath them. Crown lifting can add to their appearance and provide more space for mulching.
  • Sun exposure – Your tree’s branches could very well be standing in the way of valuable sun exposure to the base of the tree and the surrounding plants. Don’t let extra branches stand as a barrier between the ground and the sun if you could get them trimmed!

When you pop into your local hardware store for a pair of clippers and start clipping, you run the risk of removing too many healthy branches and shortening your tree’s life. None of us wants that to happen! Investing in a quality tree trimming service to come take care of the extra bits on your foliage will be best for your home, business, and wallet in the long run.

The Necessity of Emergency Recovery Service

When disaster strikes, the loss can be fatal. Even in the aftermath, recovery is a lengthy, expensive, emotionally exhausting process. Everyone could use a helping hand in the added stress of emergencies. When you’ve already lost so much from the event itself, putting in the added effort to rebuild can be too much.

Calling on a professional that offers emergency tree service can help take the extra load off your shoulders. Arbor Works has boots on the ground all over the Bay Area when trees fall on homes, businesses, and just about anything else. Let your friendly neighborhood tree service professionals lend a hand when the unthinkable happens, so you can move forward.

Arborworks Is Ready to Serve Orinda

Arborworks, Inc. has developed and maintained a shining reputation in the Bay Area for years. Our founder has 40 years of experience in the industry, and the staff only provide five-star service. Trying to figure out a professional tree service that will give you the value and execution you deserve can be such a headache.

At Arborworks we offer top-quality service in the Bay Area that customers will never forget. From tree care to emergency services or disaster recovery, you can count on our experienced staff to help your home look its best.

Connect with one of our specialists today at 1-866-936-8733 so we can get to work for you! We are your leading Orinda tree service company.


A fair price for prompt and superb work… what more can one ask for? ArborWorks owner, Don Mcintyre, came personally to assess my job – pruning one large pine out of the power lines, thinning its crown for more sunlight on my garden, and pulling out some smaller bushes including the stumps – and it was an excellent price for the job. ArborWorks arborist, Hildargo, who bravely and cheerfully climbed to the tips of the highest branches to clear the power lines, successfully turned the heavily…
Tammy M.San Francisco, CA


Arborworks Inc. Diamond Certified


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