Storms can be predicted, but the damage done to our homes because of storms is not. When it comes to storm seasons, it’s important to prep your home for storms, making sure to raise your home’s defenses to the max. Trees around your property can bring some of the most devastating damage to it. Whether you’re dealing with hurricanes, blizzards, or tornadoes, prepping your home can help make sure that it can weather any storm!

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the simple changes you can make around your home to keep it safer from any possible storm damage.

From Delight to Debris

Tall, gorgeous, green trees in your yard are beautiful to look at, but, during a storm, they can be fatal. Downed trees are extremely destructive – bringing down power lines and completely obliterating the roofs of homes. Similarly, they can fall into windows, compromising your safety and allowing excess winds and rain to enter your home.

Without proper trimming, tree branches can even pose huge threats. One of the best things you can do in preparation for the storm season is to have all your trees trimmed. Addressing minor issues early on can avoid major emergencies at the worst possible moment.

Getting Your Home Ready

As a homeowner, your top priority should be to storm-proof your home. While boarding windows is always essential, there are some other changes you can make as well. Some basic tips for preparing your home for a storm are:

  • Clear Limbs & Trees: If you live in an area that is prone to violent storms and your yard is full of trees, you may want to consider clearing out the ones that are closest to your home. Furthermore, if there are trees that are a safe distance away but have limbs within a danger zone, clear the limbs regularly.
  • Check Your Fence: If your fences have become old and worn down, you may want to take them down, especially if you live in a frequent storm zone. Before a storm passes, make sure that your fences are secure.
  • Secure Outdoor Furniture: Any outdoor furniture should be either anchored down or brought into your home to prevent the furniture from being tossed around by strong winds.
  • Clear Your Gutters: If a storm is headed toward your home, it is important to make sure that your rain gutters are clear from all debris, especially things like leaves and branches that can cause them to clog and not drain properly.
  • Bring In Your Animals: Trust us – if you are scared of the storm, so are your animals. Keep pets and other animals inside, even if they are kept in the garage.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

During a storm, you aren’t only worried about your home being ravaged by the weather, you are also worried about your valuables. There is a chance that water can enter your home, causing flooding and ruining valuable objects and mementos.

If a bad storm is approaching, make sure to place your more expensive items out of harm’s way. Some will even wrap their televisions and computers. Typically, you can store the expensive items on your upper floors – but you will want to make sure that you don’t have any trees around that can fall through your roof and damage them anyway.

For important mementos and documents, it is wise to invest in a home safe or a lockbox that is both fireproof and waterproof. The last thing you need to worry about when your home is damaged by a storm is realizing your insurance documents are ruined!

Arborworks is Your Lifeline

In the event of a devastating storm, calling Arborworks is the best decision you can make for your home! We are the leading Disaster Recovery Service firm for the entire nation. We service all forms of disaster to your home, and we have much success dealing with damage from hurricane, flood, ice, and pestilence.

Whether you need us to clear your trees from your yard to prevent damage proactively or you need fast, efficient, and reliable disaster relief, Arborworks can help to make your home safe and makes it incredibly easy to rebuild when you’ve faced a tragedy.