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Tree Cutting Services in the Bay Area

The Need for Professional Tree Cutting Services

Many homeowners today tackle the task of cutting down trees in an effort to maintain the appearance of their properties. Unfortunately, a lot of them do not have the skills and are not equipped with the proper tools to do the job correctly. The inexperienced ‘Do-It Yourselfer’ is at risk of causing serious damage to their property and/or severe injury to themselves. Not to mention their family members, when they have not been trained properly to do this kind of work. Fortunately, there are tree cutting specialists in Bay Area that are trained to do the job correctly; improving the overall health of your trees in the process.

Dangers Associated With Trees

It goes without saying that trees have paths of their own, when it comes to extending their roots and growing their branches. Consequently, there are certain dangers that can arise, over a period of time, if trees are not cared for or maintained properly including:

  • Falling branches can injury you or a loved one – In addition to personal injuries, branches can break off and fall during high winds and severe storms; thereby causing severe damage to your home, property, or vehicles.
  • Power lines could be in jeopardy – As trees grow, they eventually find their way to power lines along roadways, or spanning your property. While some power lines may not be above ground in certain areas, there are always those wandering branches and limbs that can cause damage. The result could be a hazardous sparking or a loss of power.
  • Tree roots can weaken your home’s structure – While you cannot see them growing, tree roots will eventually wreak havoc on a home’s foundation; not to mention how they can ruin your flower or vegetable gardens.

Safety is one of two basic reasons to have Arbor Works come out to care for and maintain your trees on a regular basis. The other reason is appearance or beautification. Either way, professional tree cutting services in Bay Area are your best option; assuming you are not a skilled arborist.

What Should You Do As a Homeowner?

Although you should always have an arborist perform tree cutting services, you need to ensure that your trees do not pose any risks to life and limb, as well as property. Suffice it to say, you need to make sure that rotten and/or weakened branches and limbs are removed. This should be noted before there is a chance of falling on to power lines, your property, or even worse, a friend or loved one. The best course of action is to contact an Arbor Workstree cutting specialist, in Bay Area, to trim your trees before any of these issues occur. They will also see if there are any problems arising with root damage to your foundation.

Why Should You Hire Arbor Works?

There are certain things that the average homeowner can do when it comes to the care and maintenance of their trees. And, there are other tasks that are best entrusted to a highly skilled and trained arborist. In most cases, homeowners are not equipped with the experience and expertise, or the proper equipment and tools, necessary to handle the job. This is the primary reasons that you should always contacting Arbor Works concerning the tree cutting services in Bay Area. However, here are some additional reasons to consider hiring us:

  • They have the expertise and skills to do the job right – Have you trimmed any of your trees lately? If you’re like most homeowners, you have never done this type of work. Conversely, the tree cutting specialists in Bay Area, at Arbor Worksdo this employment on a daily basis.
  • They know how to avoid damaging your home and property – If you don’t know what you’re doing; you can cause a great deal of costly damage to people and property.
  • They use professional-grade tools and equipment – You may be able to prune a tree, but what are you going to do if there is a limb that is as thick as a 200-pound man, sitting 20 feet in the air?
  • They value your safety – Granted, you may be able to hack off a tree branch with a machete, but can you ensure it will be done in safety?

If you would like additional information regarding our tree cutting services in Bay Area, or would like to schedule an appointment for an inspection, please contact Arbor Works today


Anyone who really cares about their trees knows how hard it is to find a good tree trimmer. I’ve used both major name brands, and self employed tree trimmers, and have never been very satisfied, until now. ArborWorks trimmed my trees as carefully as I would have, if I knew how to climb trees!Don McIntyre, owner, responded within two days of my call, and his estimate was fair and thorough. He personally brought the foreman of the crew to my site to go over the job the evening before the crew would actually arrive. Don also visits the site as the work is performed, to make sure everything goes smoothly.If my trees could vocalize, they’d sing about the space created for light to enter the crown, and how good it feels to have the weight off the ends of the limbs. Even neighbors have come by to complement me on how good the trees look. “Best ever”.I only wish I had known about ArborWorks sooner. It took me 32 years to find them. I hope my trees will forgive me for taking so long…
Karen K. Mountain View, CA


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