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Professional Tree Pruning Saves Money as Well as Your Trees

One of the more common mistakes that homeowners make is that they tend to over-prune the trees on their property. In other words, they remove perfectly healthy foliage without rhyme or reason. When you consider that a leaf and its surface are the only part of the tree that produces food, the unnecessary removal of any green tissue makes the tree weaker. Finding trees with too many leaves is a rarity. In fact, most trees have too few leaves when they have not been cared for and maintained properly. This is the very need for professional Bay Area tree pruning services.

Importance of Professional Tree Pruning

Proper pruning is a task that is best left to the experienced; that being the services of professional tree pruning in Bay Area. Since the most common mistakes that the average individual makes is the tendency to over-prune their trees, this leaves the interior portions of the tree exposed. It becomes prone to a condition known as “sunscalding.”Furthermore, it can weaken a tree to the point where it breaks in high winds or severe storm conditions. On the other hand, having your trees pruned by a professional service will leave them looking healthy and thick.

Consider These Tree Pruning Benefits

Having your trees pruned by professionals affords many benefits. First and foremost, it keeps your home and the people living in it safe, when they are around the trees on your property. Dead branches can easily break off and fall. This not only endangers anyone that is near the tree, it could damage power lines and the structure of your home, as well. The specialists at Arbor Works know that the best course of action is removing any potentially dangerous branches or limbs from the tree. Avoiding any damages or personal injuries is a part of the professional tree pruning process in Bay Area.

In addition to the safety factor there are three (3) other very important benefits of professional tree pruning to be aware of:

  • Appearance – If trees are not cared for properly (i.e. pruned and trimmed on a regular basis) they will become overgrown and unsightly in appearance. This can also detract from your property’s curb appeal and has a negative impact on the value of your property. In order to enhance and maintain your landscaping, professionaltree pruning services can greatly improve the appearance of your Bay Area property. In so doing, this will make your grounds aesthetically appealing to others. It also prevents the shape and form of your trees from deteriorating.
  • Overall health – Arbor Works are specialists; who provide professional tree pruning services in Bay Area. This is done for the removal of dead, diseased, or dying branches from the tree; helping to promote better overall health. A pruning process applies to older and younger trees alike. It safeguards your trees from being infected by any decay producing fungi. Pruning also involves the removal of some live branches, in order to improve air circulation within the tree’s canopy. At the same time this allows sunlight to penetrate.
  • Structural integrity – As new plantings begin to grow, it is important to focus on the structural integrity of the tree. This is in order to enhance the development of its roots and stems. It also helps to improve the architecture of the tree, as well. With Bay Area professional tree pruning services, the structural integrity of your trees will save you money in the long run, where tree care is concerned.

Keep in mind that it is important to prune and trim your trees on a regularly scheduled basis, and have them inspected no less than once a year. This is especially true for trees that are located along property lines, near power lines, and in close proximity to your home.

We recommend having your trees pruned in late fall or winter which is considered their dormant season. This is when trees are least susceptible to any damage and stress. When trees are dormant, there is less likelihood of being damaged by fungus and insects, as well as excessive sap loss. Certain tree species require different approaches to pruning them, and more precise timing. If you’re unsure about pruning your trees properly we encourage you to contact Arbor Works. For additional information regarding our extensive line of tree pruning services in Bay Area, talk to one of our specialists today.


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