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Tree Removal Services in the Bay Area

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Tree Removal Service

Whenever you have dead trees on your property in the Bay Area, you need tree removal service.

This not only detracts from your property’s appearance; but also prevents you from maximizing, or getting the full use of, that particular area in your yard. Furthermore, every time you have to mow around the base and roots of that tree, you’re putting yourself at risk of physical injury. You could trip over the roots. Not to mention the fact that you could damage your lawnmower, incurring costly repair bills or having to replace it.

Another key consideration is that dead trees become a harbor for a broad range of insects that includes ants, beetles, roaches, and termites. Pests of that nature waste no time traveling to other locations on your property, including into your home. Plus, other unwanted creatures such as possums, raccoons, snakes, and squirrels might just build their dens inside the root area of the tree. So from a cost-effective standpoint, once you consider the need for repairs on your home and property, it makes sense to hire a tree removal service in the Bay Area.

Not a Job for the DIY’er

Anytime you need a stump or tree removed from your property, this is a job that is best left in the hands of a professional tree removal service in the Bay Area. The specialists at Arbor Works are not only bonded and licensed; they are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the removal of dead stumps and trees. This ensures that the quality of work performed will be faster than what you could do and much safer as well. They specialize in removing stumps and trees so there is no damage to your home and the surrounding property.

The tree removal specialists in Bay Area, at Arbor Works, use only high-tech, professional-grade tree removal equipment, and tools. The proper tools help to remove trees quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this equipment enables them to remove the roots of tree stumps below the ground by grinding as they burrow deeper. Many of the different grinding machines have blades equipped with carbide teeth. They enable the job to be completed even quicker than with standard blades.

Stumps are quickly ground up into wood mulch that can be used in your flower beds, gardens, and under trees as a natural fertilizer. This helps the soil retain moisture while controlling weeds at the same time. Additionally, stump grinding helps to prevent the sprouting of tree roots. At the same time, it helps prepare the soil for planting bushes, flowers, grass, and other trees. Although the typical grinding depth is around 8”, they can go deeper if required.

Key Reasons to Hire Arbor Works

No matter what shape, size, or type; trees are extremely healthy for the environment, as well as your home and property. However, based on their growth, they do require constant care. This is so that they remain healthy, without causing any damage to your home and its occupants. Removing trees is not a job for the inexperienced. There are potential hazards involved and the risk of serious injury. Conversely, tree removal specialists, in the Bay Area, are skillfully trained and well-equipped to do the job.

Hiring a professional tree removal service makes good sense for a number of reasons including the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness – If you decide on tree removal by yourself, you increase the risk of damaging your property and seriously personal injuring. In the long run, you could be faced with medical bills and repair expenses as a result. Despite the fact that tree removal is viewed as an expense, it is a cost-effective investment in the appearance of your property; and to your well-being.
  • Energy saving – The average homeowner is not equipped with the proper tools to remove trees from their property. So it requires a great deal of energy and power, as well as being extremely time-consuming. Consequently, the equipment and tools that tree removal specialists use enable them to do the job quickly and efficiently; thereby saving energy in the process.
  • Prevents damage to home and property – As trees go through their growth cycles, they become laden with overgrown branches that can break off during severe weather. This can result in serious damage to your home and property. There is also the potential for serious injuries to happen to people that may be nearby when those branches break.
  • Safety concerns – Hiring a tree removal company in the Bay Area gives you peace of mind. You may know that professionals have the experience and expertise required to remove trees from your property, in a proper and safe fashion.

Keep in mind that a well-groomed yard can increase your property’s curb appeal and market value. Arbor Works will not only keep your trees neatly trimmed and cared for, but it will also improve their health and keep them disease-free in the process. For more information about our tree removal services in the Bay Area, please contact us today.


Anyone who really cares about their trees knows how hard it is to find a good tree trimmer. I’ve used both major name brands, and self employed tree trimmers, and have never been very satisfied, until now. ArborWorks trimmed my trees as carefully as I would have, if I knew how to climb trees!Don McIntyre, owner, responded within two days of my call, and his estimate was fair and thorough. He personally brought the foreman of the crew to my site to go over the job the evening before the crew would actually arrive. Don also visits the site as the work is performed, to make sure everything goes smoothly.If my trees could vocalize, they’d sing about the space created for light to enter the crown, and how good it feels to have the weight off the ends of the limbs. Even neighbors have come by to complement me on how good the trees look. “Best ever”.I only wish I had known about ArborWorks sooner. It took me 32 years to find them. I hope my trees will forgive me for taking so long…
Karen K. Mountain View, CA


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