There are a lot of factors which go into determining the price of tree removal or trimming. The biggest factors are the location of the tree and its size. To help you get an idea of what cost to expect, and when it is best to simply take on the job yourself, we have put together this guide. It should be noted that none of the estimated prices will include discounts which are available for members of a large portion of tree service providers.

Cost of Tree Removal

As mentioned before, the cost of any type of tree service will be heavily influenced by your tree’s height and accessibility. The type of tree may also be a contributing factor.The most costly service is tree removal since it is a long step by step process that requires the crew to work in sections, and take frequent breaks to heave away the cut off pieces. Additionally, the grinding of the left behind stuff will more often than not cost extra since it requires different types of equipment.

Depending on the size of your tree, you could end up paying anything between a few hundred dollars up to a thousand. This is because the removal of larger trees is a far riskier and time-consuming task.

Since location also plays a big part in determining the cost of tree removal, you will have to expect a higher fee if your tree is difficult to access, or if you live in a rural area that will require a longer commute for the removal of the cut parts of your tree. Reportedly, the cost of the removal of a large tree not less than $1,000.

The Cost of Tree Pruning

Much like tree removal, the price of tree pruning will also be heavily influenced by the size and accessibility of your tree. The further up the crew will need to reach, and the farther they have to commute to discard the parts, the costlier the service will be. Reportedly, the pruning of a small tree has a price range between $370 and $500. Medium and large trees will come with higher expenses.

Additional Costs

On-site chipping, firewood chopping of cut-off branches, and stump removal will all cost extra. While the first two are only offered by select companies, stump removal generally ranges between $65 and $350 based on the depth and solidity of the stump.If you are looking for customized quotes for your tree care requirements, it is best to consult with Tree Service in Bay Area CA. They have the knowledge and tools apart from an experienced staff to take care of the trees on your property.


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