It is never a good sign when the trunk of a tree gets injured or begins to rot. All the nutrients needed for the tree’s growth and health are transported from the roots upwards through the trunk which makes it one of the most vital parts of the tree as a whole.One you start to see signs of rotting along the trunk, you may start to panic which is why we are here to give you tips on what to do, and what not to do, to save your tree.

Do NOT Cut Into The Rotten Parts. Here Is Why.

When you cut into rotten wood, you create a vulnerable entry point for further infections. Trees have no way of healing damaged tissue, they can simply attempt to seal the area off. Additionally, so called wound dressings, or tree paints, which have become widely available, actually cause more harm than good. They do nothing to stop infections.

Furthermore, the cutting out of rotten parts will also do nothing but cause further damage. The rot is caused by a tree disease called wood decay. This disease is largely found among old and large trees and works from the inside out.

What You Can And Should Do

Treatment for this disease is oftentimes ineffective, however, it is still wise to bring in a certified arborist right away, largely in order to determine whether your tree is at a risk of falling and could prove a threat to its surroundings.Furthermore, the  Arborist in Bay Area may recommend certain steps which you can take to support your tree. The three most recommendations are:

  1. Letting your tree take care of it. A healthy and only minorly infected tree will often be capable of sealing off the rotten area and continue to grow new healthy wood.
  2. Water, fertilize, and prune your tree to extend your tree’s life and improve its overall health. The healthier the rest of your tree is, the better its chances of sealing off the rotten area and growing new, healthy wood. Additionally, you should also pay close attention to avoid further injury.
  3. Call in tree removal services. If your tree is past saving, this may be the best thing you can do for everybody and everything in its vicinity. A falling tree can cause severe damage to property and person.

Calling on tree care services ensures that along with the arborist they are able to manage and evaluate the health of the trees. They will remove the trees that are decaying, which will remove the hazards from your property.


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