When Is the Perfect Time to Do Tree Pruning?

There is a multitude of benefits that come from pruning, and they reach far beyond the mere aesthetics. While a properly pruned tree can absolutely boost the curb appeal of your home, it can also significantly decrease the chances of future property damage and injury, while also ensuring the tree’s general health which may save you the costs of future tree and stump removal.Below, Tree Service in Bay Area CA have listed the visible signs which show that your tree is in dire need of a proper pruning.

Limp and Broken Branches

If your tree carries one or more branches that have either gone limp or broken off, then it is dire time to get them removed before they can fall and cause injury or damage to property. Such tree damages commonly occur after heavy storms or strong snowfall, so be sure to inspect your tree after such harsh weather conditions and schedule a pruning.

Cracking Bark

While one crack may not be anything to worry about, two or more is are likely to be a sign of disease and/or decay. The deeper the cracks, the more worrisome they are since exposed inner tissue can quickly lead to infection and infestation. If you notice such cracks on your tree, call in an arborist as soon as possible. Because, if left unattended, the rot befalling your tree will spread and kill your tree until all there is left to do is to remove it completely.

Rubbing Branches

Two crossing branches will continuously rub against each other every time there is a breeze. As a result, the friction will lead to bark damage which leaves the inner tissue exposed and at a high risk of infection or infestation. If you fail to address this problem, the branch may decay and spread rot to the rest of the tree.

Excessive Deadwood

If you notice that your tree has been befallen by large areas of deadwood, then your tree may very well be dying and in dire need of an arborist’s care. If pruned on time by tree pruning service in Bay Area, your tree can be saved from decay and fully recover without further health problems. That is why it is important to hire a tree care service to look after the trees on your property.

Overly Thick Foliage

If your tree has reached a density that no longer allows light to pass through, then a good pruning is long overdue. A tree with too many small branches and thick foliage runs risk of dropping limbs during heavy winds. Additionally, lesser branches lead to sturdier and healthier branches since the ones left behind will receive more nutrients. This makes the tree healthier.


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