You may think that it’s always obvious when a tree needs to be removed, though that isn’t always the case. Clearly, when a tree is dead and dropping branches left and right, it will need to be removed for the sake of safety.However, there are also cases in which a tree is simply struggling because it’s damaged or partly dead. In cases like these, it may still be able to be saved and keep living on, so let’s establish some rules by which you can orientate yourself in cases like these.

Could the tree pose a threat?

If the tree is positioned in a space frequented by people, such as a parking lot or backyard you cannot risk giving second chances. Falling limbs are a potentially lethal threat and should not be taking lightly so that tree will have to go.

How costly would treatment be?

When it comes to tree diseases, your best bet will be consulting a professional. They will be able to assess the damage and tell you how much treatment would cost and whether your tree can be saved at all. If the arborist concludes treatment would come at a high price, you may want to consider replacing the tree entirely. Maybe even with a more robust species.
You also shouldn’t fool yourself regarding your tree’s chances of recovery. People can grow attached, especially to elderly trees, but there is no point in wasting money on a tree that has next to a zero percent chance of recovery. Oftentimes, as little as 25% damage done to the canopy is enough to kill a hardwood tree. However, with disease it can be trickier, so you should consult an arborist to give you a realistic estimate.

Be smart about who you take advice from

Nosy relatives and neighbors will often offer unsolicited advice. They’ll see that lightning struck your tree, or that it’s dropping branches left and right, and their solution will be to bury a crystal between the roots or spray it with rosewater. Now, that advice may come from the heart but it isn’t necessarily advice you should blindly follow. To actually get your tree the help it needs, you should seek out a professional Tree Cutting service in Bay Area who will take soil and leaf samples to make a proper diagnosis.

In the end, you may have to accept that removing the tree is the right thing to do. However, it is important that you get the stump removed as well. You will always be able to plant a new, healthy tree in its place that will then get to flourish in its new home.


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