Like us humans, plants also have a few basic necessities they need for survival: sunlight, water, oxygen, and nutrients. If only one of them is lacking, your plants will begin to wilt, and if you fail to provide whatever it is there are lacking, they will die.However, there may also have been times where you were certain you gave your plants everything they needed and more, and yet they were still looking sickly and like they were barely holding on by a thread. If you have ever faced such a problem, it may be time for Tree Service in Bay Area to conduct a soil test and see what it is that is making your plants so unhappy.

When Should I Perform A Soil Test?

If three years or more have passed since your last performed a soil test, it may be time to put on a repeat performance, just to be sure changes in climate or other factors have not drastically decreased the quality of your soil. If you have just moved onto a new property and have limited information about its soil it may also be a good idea to perform a soil test, especially if you wish to plant a garden or tree.

As previously mentioned, if your plants are struggling despite you providing them with everything they should need to flourish; it may very well be due to a nutrient deficiency in the soil. Knowing what is missing will help you safe your plants.Once you have added your amendments, you should perform another soil test to see if it has worked and improved the quality of the soil.

If you plan to expand your property and wish to ensure your new plants will adapt, you should also perform a soil test, so you know if they will manage to thrive in their new home. Low-quality soil has little chance of keeping saplings healthy, especially since they are quite finicky upon their arrival. Their specific requirements need to be met or they will die on you. Thus, having the right type of soil is important.

Who Can I Ask To Perform My Soil Test?

You can either get a soil test kit in your local garden store and go out there to do get it done yourself, or you can hire a company who will give you more reliable results. No matter which option you choose, your expenses will be around $10 either way.However, it is best to hire the services of a tree care company that can offer a myriad of services so that the trees on your property can stay healthy.


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