Unless you are very involved in tree care and gardening, you may have never heard about arborists before. To put it simply, arborists are trained in all areas revolving around tree care. They are informed about insect infestations and tree maintenance, and they also know how to plant and nourish all types of trees.

An Arborist or A Certified Arborist

Now that you know what an arborist is, you may be curious what the “certified” part has to do with it. Well, a certified arborist in Bay Area is a professional who has undergone a series of certification exams by the International Society of Arboriculture. During these tests, their knowledge of tree growth and trees’ response to their environment and culture practices has been put into question. Once they have passed, they will become ISA-certified.

What Can An Arborist Do For Me?

Arborists offer a multitude of services in regards to tree care. Basically, if you have a tree related problem, chances are your local arborists will be able to help you out.

Removing a dead tree can be a dangerous process if you aren’t sure what you are even doing. The biggest struggle many face is in removing the stump since roots are often buried deep into the ground. However, leaving a dead tree that has been taken over by pests or insects can pose a hazard for your property so getting rid of it is important. Letting a team of arborists help you will speed up the process and ensure your problem will be taken care of in a professional way.

Pruning your tree is a great way of taking precautions against limb failure so your tree gets to remain healthy, grow strong and retain its beautiful natural shape. An experienced arborist will know exactly which branches will need to be trimmed or removed so your tree will flourish in upcoming spring.

Providing emergency services at all times of the day is vital, especially during hurricane season in which trees can turn from a beautiful addition to any garden, sidewalk and avenue into a hazard. Heavy storms can uproot trees and cause branches to snap which can damage property and person, block roads or trap people in buildings.

Tree planting is something to be thought through and do with care. The when, where, and how of planting trees play vital roles in whether your tree is going to dig in its roots and flourish for decades to come. An arborist will know what tree is best befitting to your property and will also help you plant it.


A fair price for prompt and superb work… what more can one ask for? ArborWorks owner, Don Mcintyre, came personally to assess my job – pruning one large pine out of the power lines, thinning its crown for more sunlight on my garden, and pulling out some smaller bushes including the stumps – and it was an excellent price for the job. ArborWorks arborist, Hildargo, who bravely and cheerfully climbed to the tips of the highest branches to clear the power lines, successfully turned the heavily…
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